Why Ride Every Stride?

September 30, 2018 12:24 pm Published by

The saying, “Ride every stride” has stuck with me over the years. As a young rider, my parents put both my sister and I in weekly riding lessons. We didn’t send our horses to trainers, so winning was truly yielded from hard work and many, many hours in the saddle. Besides constantly hearing “heels down” (which I bet she repeated an average of 250 times each lesson), she would often challenge us to Ride Every Stride – to feel every single movement our horse made, to feel exactly where the horse placed its feet, to feel the length and speed of the stride … only to make us better riders.

I didn’t realize until much further in time, this advice applies greatly to our everyday lives. Often times, we are so worried about what is ahead instead of truly living in the moment, which frequently helps us with what is yet to come.

Next time you hop in the saddle remember to Ride Every Stride. Feel every movement your horse makes and seek to understand their stride. It will make you a stronger rider, and feel more in-tune with your horse.

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